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What moves you in your life. For example, I have a 3 destiny number. What moves me is creative expression, in my art and also in my readings. What this represents is how you express yourself in life. So if you have a 44 in your total name, you express yourself in a very powerful way. As my example of Bono — Paul Hewson. His songs and way of life is one of a powerful and charismatic leader that has the ability to manifest that which has never happened before.

It is a high expectation for anyone. But in some small way, do you feel you are expressing self in a way that makes a difference, even to family, friends? You can find out a lot from your name and birthday, ask about my readings if you are interested.

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Hi Jared, Actually according to the way I figure out the destiny, your birthday does not add to I add each number separately even if it is a master number. It makes sense to do it this way as you never reduce the number until the sum is calculated. Some numerologist think differently, but in my experience as a numerologist for more than 30 years, I have always done it this way. An 8 is a very powerful number as it is the charismatic leader such as Nelson Mandala and Barbra Streisand. Weird because I am also a startup founder and deeply committed to changing the status quo.

I have many dreams and things I feel like I absolutely have to do when it comes to business. The thing I struggle with the most is using my voice, interestingly enough. Every other number in my chart is 9, meaning my expression, soul urge, personality and birthday. Not really sure what all that means though. Hello Em, This is a very rare destiny number as you will need very high numbers to achieve it.. So mostly people have been born in the 80s or 90s add up to a I have no doubt that you are successful.. All about success.. The lesson here is to accept your power and move with it, not above it or on top of it.

It is truly about empowerment.. You can do it!!! Perhaps take a singing class or a dance class or writing or even Qi Gong..

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The key is to have fun and enjoy rather than feeling like life is a burden. Does that make sense? Hello Greer, You never reduce master numbers to a single digit. Why would you reduce 11 or 22,but not It does not make any sense.

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They are all master numbers! I was born in November and I have been told several time to keep 11 like that. My favorite number is 8 Hahaha. As a numerologist for over 25 years, the way I calculate the destiny number, no matter if you have a master number or not, you add all the numbers separately first and then you come up with the sum. Yes the 11 and 22 are master numbers and you will look at that in the overall discussion of your birthday, but I formulate the sum first before looking at the destiny.

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If this was your birthday, then your destiny is a master Mastery of creativity and service. Maybe we can agree to disagree, but this is the way I have been doing it for years. In my view, your destiny is an 8 all about power and abundance and the charismatic leader. With your master 11 month, you are born in the month of inspired mastery of the mind, filled with ideas and brilliance.

What is also interesting is that the 8 appears 2x, once in your day of birth and once in your destiny. You have so much potential to succeed as long as you hold true to your vision and your integrity. You also may be interested in this post. But I just hope I do not have too much 8. Also, my soul urge number is 3, my inner dream number is 5 and my personality number is 5.

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I really want to be my own boss and just be creative. Being controlled annoy me.

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I also know I need to work hard to get what I want. Thank You for your quick response! But I never felt being an eight. Hello Badescu, An 8 is a powerful number!!! Are you upset that you are not a 44? Nut no worries!! What do you feel is not in alignment with you? Are you feeling the shadow of 8, which is to be afraid of your power? Feeling afraid of competition, so tend to be inward? Here is more info about the 8 destiny.

Hello Vamsi, Who are the others? In my view, all the master numbers appear when to numbers are the same.. Does this sound like you? If not, are you too hard on yourself? Take you time and be proud of who you are. To get the destiny, you must use the formula as in the way we present the birthday in the US. Now you try it on my calculator. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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