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Why fish specifically? The answer is probably lost in the mists of time but is likely to be about thesymbolism of water and the sanctity of water. The fact that on Earth it is water that gives and sustains life, and also that water is a metaphor for our spiritual nature, Divinity, and oceanic consciousness. Pisces is the mutable water sign and is associated with oceanic consciousness. We can relate to the two fish as aspects of our individuality swimming through that ocean of consciousness: one fish symbolizing our body and the other our Soul. In astrological symbology water represents our emotions.

All water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are mastering emotions on some level. Pisces is very connected to the astral realm: the realm of emotions, psychic impressions, the imagination and the subconscious. The sign of the fish is also used in Christian symbolism: Christ chose his disciples from fishermen.

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He performed the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. Modern day Christians also use the sign of the fish, and the Christian faith was founded around the beginning of the astrological Age of Pisces. The glyph for Pisces consists of two semi-circles facing away from each other, joined by a band.

The sutratma is a reminder that we are never separate but that we are connected by the thread of life which runs through all our hearts. The primary ray of the sun will reveal much about the nature of the personality. The sun sign speaks to the astrologer about the immediate possibility that is inherent in a given lifetime. When we look at the rising sign and the esoteric rulers of the signs and houses, the spiritual goals of the present incarnation reveal themselves.

The delineation of the esoteric horoscope should be superimposed over the exoteric chart and in this way you will obtain a clear picture of the relationship between the higher and lower selves and their expression. In this respect you must especially contrast the two dispositors, that is the exoteric and the esoteric, and each of the planets and houses. If the rising sign is Libra for example, an understanding of Venus by sign house and aspect will tell you much about the basic temperament and personal traits of an individual on the personality level.

Venus is the basic ruler of Libra. Uranus is the higher ruler of Libra. A similar look at Uranus will tell you a great deal about the direction of Soul purpose and growth. This should be done for each of the planets and houses.

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It is also very important to note the differences and the effects of the sacred and non-sacred planets as well. The non-sacred planets tend to work more in the life of the personality, the sacred planets work to fuse and blend the soul and the personality. Mars for example a non- sacred planet would highlight the nature of the battle between the lower and the higher self especially in the house where it is found. Jupiter, a sacred planet will serve to heal the wounds of such conflict through its fusing power and the love quality of its nature.

By revealing his higher spiritual significance Jupiter, through its wisdom aspect would also help the individual use the information gleaned in such a battle to expand his or her own consciousness. Each of the planets is governed by one of the Rays.

Note the influence of the ray energy as they work out through the soul and the personality in the chart. Saturn, for example, is closely connected to the third ray of Active-Intelligence. It is also the planet of consolidation, structure and limitations. The Moon indicates what is past. It is the vehicle for biological karma, and indicates a great deal about the physical body and the particular type of attachment that one might have to the form life. It is also a container for previous life thought-forms, experiences and energies.

Its traditionally interpreted effects are found to be significant only in relation to the lower self, which is very much moved into action through attachment and response to previous patterns of desires, emotions and instincts. The Moon does serve however as a veil over other influences, specifically those of Vulcan and Uranus. The same can be done with regard to the Sun as it veils Neptune.

In most cases the Moon will be veiling Vulcan in the earlier stages of soul fusion and will be veiling Uranus in the lives of men and women who have been walking the path a little longer.

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To summarise we can say that the Sun is the present, the personality, the Moon is the past and the prison of the Soul, and the rising sign points to the future of the present incarnation. The Soul has determined this pathway to gain much spiritual growth for the individual in this lifetime. Impulsive and often thoughtless, ray 1 provides that searing power to bold and courageous experiences, just like a warrior.


Ray 7 gives organisational skill. This is directed by the lower nature and not by contact with intelligence or the soul. Ultimately, the mind is brought into play and the developing personality begins to respond to Mercury, the higher or esoteric ruler of the sign, with its emphasis on communicating and thinking.

Desire and passion hold sway in the unregenerate personality. For the personality, instability is like the flitting of the mind from one thing to another, never being able to concentrate on a subject for very long before moving on to something else. Jack of all trades who is master of none. We can see why this is as Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and has dominion over the mind. Venus, the esoteric ruler, begins to come into the life as the soul makes itself felt. Leaving behind the old instable self, Gemini begins to feel the higher self that is the discrimination of Venus and its 5th Ray.

It sees the love and beauty of all that is and this then becomes its goal. The emotional soft centre is sensitive and to be able to protect itself, it builds a hard outer shell that is difficult for others to penetrate. This can lead to isolation, particularly emotional isolation as the Moon is the ruler of watery Cancer that has to do with the emotions. Leo The Sun as ruler of Leo has all the planets circling around it and the Leo individual believes himself to be the centre of his universe.

As the soul-infused Leo grows and through its Rays 1 and 5, it becomes a powerful force for good. He makes a good leader of men. Virgo is also concerned with practicality, service, hygiene, the minutiae of things, how they work, likes to take them to pieces for this reason. The Rays of manifestation for Virgo are Rays 2 and 6, the love line.

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Ultimately, Virgo is a sign that represents purification and service and Ray 2 of love-wisdom and Ray 6 of devotional love, when responded to, enable Virgo to become that. Vulcan, veiled by the Moon, is the esoteric ruler of Virgo and he engages Virgo in the thraldom of life so hones and purifies the soul aspect that is emerging.

Like a chick pecking it's way out of an egg, it's time now to hatch. Your biggest challenge is to not get caught in confrontation but to transmute the energy of any potentially volatile situation, which transforms you and lifts you to your highest potential. If you have Sagittarius rising you are here to uplift humanity through the revelation of truth and wisdom 1.

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To do this you have to know truth for yourself, the deeper spiritual truth that lies beyond mind and mental concepts. Since Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher you love to think and formulate philosophies to guide our way of living. Your biggest challenge is to release all man-made mental concepts, go beyond opinions and philosophy, and discover the underlying truth of your existence. If you have Capricorn rising you are here to express your vocation for the greater good 1.

Our 'vocation' is our spiritual calling, you are here to listen to your spiritual calling and make the sacred manifest in the world. At the highest level the Capricorn soul is an engineer of light, you have an innate knowing of alchemy and how to manifest heaven on Earth.

Your biggest challenge is to use your talent and energy for spiritual purposes: to aspire to spiritual heights rather than becoming lost in the trappings of worldly wealth and achievement.

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If you have Aquarius rising you are here to flow the dual waters of love and life into the world in ways that benefit humanity 1. Your biggest challenge will be to get out of your head and into your heart. The spiritual energy of which we speak flows through the heart and, as the fixed air sign, Aquarius is very much a sign of the mind. It is too easy for you to be lost in ideas. When you access the power of your heart you will use your mind as the vessel, the vase of Aquarius, through which you steadily direct the love and light that flows from your heart.

If you have Pisces rising you are here to flow universal love into the world 1. The biggest challenge for you is to create appropriate boundaries, and not take things personally. Because you can feel what others feel, it is easy for you to take on other people's feelings. It is important for you to realize that everything you feel isn't yours, and that other people are responsible for their own feelings. Allow others to learn their own lessons, and stay in the place of love. This way you become a 'spiritual pacemaker', striking a heart-tone that others can follow.

What you are here to do and how you will do it So that's what you are here to do! How you will do it, depends upon other factors in your chart, in particular your Sun and Moon signs.