Weekly horoscope sagittarius 20 february 2020

Let them accept this in their own time.

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Yet again you seem to have hit a wall of rules and regulations, the variety you generally ignore. Once you do, everything else will make sense. Somebody seems to be trying to put the blame for certain increasingly worrying matters at your doorstep. The trick is to talk these over, but diplomatically refuse to take responsibility for making decisions.

Being an often impatient fire sign, the offer of a quick fix for persistent problems or, better yet, a solution for a tricky misunderstanding with somebody close is appealing. However, achieving a lasting solution is another matter. While this will require considerable patience and diplomacy, it will be well worth the effort. But events also remind you of their presence, and often.

Tempting as it is to tackle these all at once, try dealing with them in stages. This allows you to examine each in depth, then resolve it for good. From your point of view, as a Sagittarian, life is all about balancing what you need to do with what you enjoy and what excites you. But recent changes mean rethinking even simple arrangements.


Even though that was days ago, not only can you still learn from them, recent discussions will contribute enormously to understanding what you should do next. Talking things over now will eliminate any confusion. Because the powerful link between the ideas planet Mercury and visionary Neptune are in the moody, if not emotional, water signs Scorpio and Pisces, you could mistake the insights that arise and events are more of a passing fantasy as an idea or concept to be pursued. Explore them, if only out of interest.

About two weeks ago, your ruling planet Mars moved into the part of your chart that accents close alliances, personal or professional. However, while they might begin fiery, they could end up being both frank and touching. Every now and again, an unexpected encounter or even a chance event gets you thinking about elements of your life that have become too predictable.

While, as a Taurus, you prefer to stick with familiar arrangements, you need something new. And, judging by the current planetary setup, you know exactly what it is. In several situations recently, you sidestepped facts or made last minute excuses for things you forgot about or simply neglected to deal with.

While, at the time, that was fine, each one of these will come back to haunt you. Tackle them now. Tell those concerned right away, apologising and explaining the facts. Most Leos are generous by nature, so rarely judge others. Be especially wary now, or you could take the pointed remarks currently being aimed in your direction too much to heart. Usually the heightened feelings that accompany the Full Moon take place as it occurs.

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Allow these to surface gradually. What you learn will explain many issues, as persistent as they are puzzling, from the past and present. Others take a break. Not only would that be wise for you, it gives you a chance to compare notes with those whose own experiences could be helpful to you.

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While this will take more time than anticipated, it will also be more interesting than you imagined possible. This gives you and others a chance to compare notes and to thoroughly explore your options. By no means are you narrow-minded. For now, view this as no more than a process of exploration. Still, the options you encounter could broaden your horizons, if not transform your life.

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Dealing with those who have a critical streak is never easy. Despite that, go. Yet, despite that, it seems dishonest. If your intentions were selfish, that would be true.

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But your aims are honourable, that is, strengthening an already good relationship, and encouraging a frank exchange of ideas. Getting involved in a plan, project or, in fact, a relationship of any kind without asking important questions is out of character. Most Libras have numerous ways to express disappointment with others, while appearing to be content with things as they are.

However, in one particular situation, you owe it to yourself and the individual in question to raise and discuss these issues frankly. Despite this, you have a tough time saying no to them. For now, focus on that, and that alone.

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By that is meant a review of certain arrangements or even alliances which demand a great deal of your time or attention but are giving little back. This may seem a distraction. These range from what, and especially, who you put first but also, your own long term plans. True, the current slow pace, of both events and progress, is dull.

Now, at last, you can tackle these and, better yet, spend time with those who matter most. Think carefully about this, since those dreams can influence your vision of the future in more ways than you realise. One of your strengths is your ability to deal with even very complicated dilemmas in a creative manner. At the moment, however, your knack for sidestepping inconvenient matters could lead to problems. The trick is to discuss a wide range of alternatives but to avoid straying too far from even very restrictive facts.

Discuss your concerns, gently but frankly. They may not agree now, but will probably thank you later.

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Most Virgos have a powerful intuition. Except for now. With things moving so swiftly, your feelings are far more reliable. Not only will that break the ice, it will be amazingly informative. You began this week with frank conversations about matters you expected to be as dull as they were time-consuming. However, they were surprisingly uncomplicated and, better yet, you learnt a lot from the process.

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But things are moving so swiftly that it really is a matter of now or never. At least get the ball rolling. Then, after that, you can begin talking things over. For now, wait and watch. While you can be as critical of others as anybody else, discussing your feelings about their ideas, decisions or actions is another matter. This could prevent them getting themselves in serious trouble. For the past couple of years, decisions about your lifestyle, that is how and where you live, and even the timing of your day, have been substantially influenced by others, mostly those around you but also these in the wider world.

Not only can you alter, if not radically change, these, the time has come to discuss other elements of this routine as well. But you prefer they be accurate enough things can proceed without needing stop to untangle confusion or seek missing facts. However, with changes as dramatic as they are sudden, the foundation of plans will shift, and demand exactly that variety of exploration.

Both of these accent close alliances, both personal and those of a professional nature. Knowing that, focus on what you want to achieve, when and with whom. It just suggests you need to rethink your ideas, then discuss those. This is especially timely now, because others are desperate for a solution. When things are going smoothly, patience is easy to come by. And soon. For now, discuss issues frankly. That should be sufficiently reassuring.

Achievement, success, and recognition are possible but this could also be a building phase towards achieving your long term goals. You may receive guidance and help from a father figure, or be a mentor to younger people.